Ben and Jerry’s ‘Big Chunk’ USP Helped Them Sell For $326 Million

We are predictably irrational.

The Humble Beginnings of 1976: The Birth of Ben and Jerry’s

The decision to sell ice cream

“We just took one step at a time and did whatever was in front of us. It was mostly common sense and a lot of work.” — Ben and Jerry

The first store

The Most Obvious USP in the World? Big Chunks

The Rather Extraordinary Growth of Ben and Jerry’s

“What you must understand at the outset, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is the best ice cream in the world.”— Time Magazine

Portion control: A Happy Customer Needs to Mean Happy Margins

“If the scoop is too big you’re supposed to take a little off, the customer hates that.” — Ben and Jerry

“A lot of our problems would be solved if we made our ice cream shittier.” — Ben and Jerry

Cog in the Machine: Time to Change Business

The Sell — Without Ben and Jerry’s Permission

‘’While I would have preferred for Ben and Jerry’s to remain independent, I’m excited about this next chapter.”- Ben Cohen

Ben and Jerry’s USP from an SP

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